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The Future is Now.

The only smartwatch with the complete Android experience. Premium construction looks good and lasts long. While the next generation hardware provides the fastest performance in the world. With full access to Google Play's millions of apps. Carry your world on your wrist.

Peerless Performance

The fastest processor, and the largest possible RAM, make Androidly the most powerful smartwatch in the world. Loaded with full version of Android KitKat, it is the most advanced watch in the world.

Superior Features

Androidly does everything you want it to. While the other watches come with very limited functionality and few apps, Androidly comes with the full Google Play store and its millions of apps! With infinite possibilities, you can customize Androidly, just the way you like it.

Premium Construction

A smartwatch is meant to be worn, all day. Constructed using premium skin friendly silicon, which is comfortable, durable and extremely light. You can be sure to feel both comfortable and in style when sporting the Androidly watch.

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Do Everything

Communication, Health & Fitness all rolled into one. A watch to converge all watches. A watch like no other.

Feel at home with the regular Android experience. Mentor and monitor your health and wellness and keep in touch with everyone you love, all from your wrist.

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Take your pick from the Google Play Store's vast library of free and paid apps. Download new apps and games directly to your wrist. Customize functionality and personalize your watch infinitely.
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Communication, entertainmainent, productivity all rolled into one. A watch to converge all watches. A watch like no other.
    • Androidly Prism

    • $79

      • OS Android / iOS Compatiable
      • Hands-free Calls Incoming and Outgoing
      • Caller ID Incoming and Outgoing
      • Phone Sync Phonebook, SMS, Call Log
      • Notifications Facebook, Whatsapp, Custom Notifications.
      • Phone Finder Anti-Lost and Proximity Alert
      • Health Pedometer, Sleep Monitor
      • Camera Remote Control
      • Sensors Accelerometer
      • Bluetooth Version 3.0 + EDR
      • Stand-by 8 Days
      • Charging 2 Hours
    • Androidly Kube

    • $249

      • OS Android 4
      • Processor ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core, 1.0 GHz
      • Memory 512 MB
      • Removable Storage 4 GB SD upto 32 GB SDHC
      • Phone GSM 850/900, 1800/1900 + WCDMA 850/1900, 2100
      • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR, GPRS/HSPA, WiFi B/G
      • Camera 2 MPx Auto-Focus
      • GPS GPS + A-GPS
      • Sensors Accelerometer
      • Screen 2 inch QVGA TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
      • Stand-by 2 Days
      • Charging 45 minutes
      • Dimension 4cm x 5.8cm x 1.4cm
      • Weight 150 gms
Image Name Price Apps Memory (MB) Storage (GB) Bluetooth Phone Camera GPS WiFi
Androidly $249 100000+ 256 8-16 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pebble $150 10 64 0 Yes No No No No
Sony LiveView $80 10 128 0 Yes No No No No
Moto360 $249 1000 512 4 Yes No No No No
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Androidly Prism

Android Bracelet

Androidly Kube

Android Smartwatch

Androidly Prism

Androidly Bracelet

Androidly Kube

Android Smartwatch
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Total Convergence

All the latest technology converged on your wrist. Androidly is constructed using state of the art materials, including skin grade silicone and scratch resistant glass, which ensures that the watch not only looks good and feels comfortable, but also lasts long periods of wear and tear.

Integrated Technology

Forever we have interacted with technology by picking something up, or out of our pockets. Androidly changes the paradigm, by integrating technology with us. Now do anything, anytime from your wrist, without having to pick something up. Androidly stays on your wrist and integrates in your lifestyle. Everything is a tap away!

Instant Communication

Instant and simple communications. Call, SMS, Email, IM. Receive and send text messages, email, facebook and whatsapp messages using the advanced 9 pad keyboard. The only device in the world that lets you reply from your wrist itself. There will never be a moment of disconnect, speak out OK GOOGLE to connect now.

Make the Internet Work For You

Instant access to online applications and content. Intuitively use technology. Evolve with a new digital limb. Superhero powers included.


Multi-task like a super hero. Reach out for that refreshing drink in middle of an email, with full confidence. Read through your documents, with references on your wrist and a coffee in your hand! Cook with the recipe handy, or manage your stocks with a live ticker always at hand. Switch between the digital and the real world effortlessly, without putting anything up or down!


Read the documents in your hands, with ready refferences on your wrist. Not just open emails but download and read all the attachments on the device itself. Androidly now lets you download all internet files directly unlike any other product for you to view, modify and send using your device.

Always Ready Camera

Unlimited photo and video capture with the inbuilt camera. Spy mode on! Front facing camera lets you capture unlimited pictures and videos on the go. Let the dream of the spy come alive by turning on the camera from a device unexpected off before.

Freedom of Navigation

Drive with your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel, and maps on your wrist! Drive with your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel, and maps on your wrist! No more fumbling with the phone from the pocket, missing important calls or taking eyes off the road. Androidly lets you stay connected no matter how far you go.

Remember Everything

Never miss another headline, or reminder, as you get tactile, audible and visual notifications for all things worthy of your attention right on your smart watch. Androidly's powerful buzzer, loud speakers and large screen make it easy to always be at top of your world. Never misplace your phone as now it's strapped to your wrist!


Access any information as if you always knew it. Instantly from the wrist. Access any information as if you always knew it. Instantly from the wrist. With GSM and WiFi on your finger tips stay connected to the internet and receive every piece of information instantly.

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